Travel plans for 2017

All pictures are from our glorious day on Toronto Island

Happy New Year!

I hope your 2017 started beautifully. Mine had a quiet beginning, but it began with good friends, bubbles and cosiness, so I have absolutely no complaints!

2016 was a fun year for travel - lots of fun, short breaks to places in Europe, and a magical four-stop break in the autumn taking in New York, Boston, Toronto and Las Vegas. In 2017 I'm returning to full-time work, and that will change how I holiday - I'm hoping to utilise my weekends and holiday times well to see lots of places! This year I'm thinking most of my travel will be in the UK and Europe; I'm planning for lots of little visits. In 2018 I'll aim for a long haul, but 2017 should be the year of adventuresome little jaunts.

Already planned are a weekend in Newcastle later this month. We're going to stay at one of our favourite hotels, the beautiful Malmasion, and take in a Newcastle United match from one of the boxes at St James' Park. Next month we are going to Paris for the day - Eurostar has an amazing sale on seats so we took advantage and will be enjoying a day of museums, patisserie and gorgeous Parisian views. In March we are hopping up to Inverness for a family visit and to catch up with one of my best childhood friends who's over for a visit from the US.

Apart from that, we are deliciously unplanned so far. We usually plan holidays so far out, but as we're focusing on shorter-haul trips we can afford to be a little more chilled about proceedings. We are definitely planning on Italy at some point (Matthew studied Italian for years and I'm obsessed with Italian food, culture and architecture). Other destinations up for discussion are Oslo, Lisbon, Berlin, Barcelona, Stockholm and Santorini - it's such fun throwing ideas around!

I think in the long summer break I'll be taking a small holiday on my own. I haven't travelled solo in ages, so I'm excited for that challenge too. I'm mulling over what shape that trip might take, but as I have such a generous holiday in July/August I'm excited to take advantage of my schedule and get some adventures in the diary!

Lastly, this year I'm going to be doing lots of touristy fun right here in London. In a few years we'll be leaving London, I imagine, so I want to make sure I enjoy it as much as I possibly can in the meantime.

I also want to make sure I'm open to other opportunities to travel that may present themselves - have passport and will definitely travel!

Linking up with the #travellinkup lovelies, starting the year out right. What are your travel plans for the year ahead?
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