A Day in Bamburgh

Whenever we head up to the north-east to see our families (north-east England for Matthew, north-east Scotland for me), we always try and steal away for a little daytrip somewhere too if we're up for more than a couple of days. Last time we visited Matthew's family and stayed with them, we took an afternoon to head up the Northumberland coast to the beautiful little town of Bamburgh.

The Northumberland coast is absolutely beautiful. Rugged and wild, and far less visited than the beaches of the south, it has a charm all its own. In the winter it was most definitely not the not the tip for a dip in the sea, but the views were spectacular!

Most people know Bamburgh for its beautiful castle. As we visited on the off-season we couldn't go into the castle proper for an explore, but as architecture fans we had great fun walking the perimeter and taking in the views of the towers, parapets and arches from the ground.

After a good hour or so looking around the castle, we walked into the village (Bamburgh's either a small town or a large village - it depends who you ask!) to find a spot for lunch.

After tasty sandwiches and a warming cup of tea in the charming Wynding Inn we set off to look around the village. The houses were all beautiful, with several cottages I think I could happily live in, and all through the town there were beautiful little details and slices of history.

 Before the sun went down we ventured over to St Aidan's Church. St Aidan established a place of worship in Bamburgh in 635 AD, and the church now standing was built in the 12th century, so this is a place full of historical and cultural significance. We loved touring the church and finding out more about its history, its mission, and its importance within the history of Christianity in the UK.

We loved Bamburgh for a day trip, and will definitely be returning in sunnier weather to visit the castle properly and to take in some of the other attractions (I'm keen to see the Grace Darling Museum too). If you're in Northumberland, this is a great little town to visit.
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